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Well placed 4th house indicates the native will prosper in mother land.

Also 4th house represents education. Seventh house : 7th house represents travel. Ninth house : 9th house represents long journey , well placed 9th house indicates the person will prosper in foreign land. Tenth house : 10th house represents occupation , 10th house having relation with 9th or 3rd or 12th house represents that native will travel aboard for occupation.

Vedic Astrology Combinations For Foreign Travel

Lagna or first house : Lagna indicates the native, Lagna lord in any of the houses above indicates that native will travel abroad. Planets Concerning Foreign Travel. Timing of fructification of foreign travel. Based on above combination, the native will have travel during Mahadasha or Bukti of. Jupiter Mahadasha or Bukti. Rahu Mahadasha or Bukti. Illustration with Albert Einstein Horoscope. Einstein is well known physicists, scientist, philosopher, good violinist. His contribution to space science and modern physics are phenomenal.

Strong 9th house and 9th lord indicates that native will prosper in foreign country, Einstein become american citizen in Innovative Astro Solutions. Multi-billionaire horoscope.


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Foreign travel & Foreign settlement in astrology

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